Damaged Trees

Taking care of your damaged trees is a major part of our business.  Tree Service Direct takes care of damaged trees quickly.   Whether your tree is damaged by severe weather, disease, construction or age, we have you covered.  We are in the tree removal and tree trimming business and we remove trees that need to be taken care of.  We also have certified arborists on staff to help solve any tree damage problems you may have.

One of the main reasons trees are damaged, is because of construction.  Most construction that is performed on a commercial or residential property, do not think much about the trees that will be affected during the process.   Most of the damage done to neighboring trees comes when you are digging a foundation.  Trenching for field lines or underground utilities often cuts roots that feeds and supports the nearby trees.  Branches of trees are damaged when heavy equipment is knocking down other trees or swinging their booms around.  This results in breaking branches and limbs off the tree.  They can also tear the bark off a tree which exposes the tree to bacteria and other threats.  This can lead to tree disease.

Severe weather causes most of the tree damage we see in the United States.   That is because hurricanes, tornados, high winds and ice storms do widespread damage at the same time across broad areas.   Everyone who has ever seen trees after a storm knows what we are saying.   However, many trees suffer damage from neglect, disease and failure to prune them. 

Most people do not realize their trees are damaged until they see limbs falling on the ground or part of the tree dies.  Tree damage can be prevented, if you had consulted a professional tree service first.   It is kind of like waiting until your tooth hurts you before you go to the dentist.  Trees are the same way.  We take for granted that they will always be healthy, vibrant and beautiful.  Maintaining proper tree care like pruning, cabling and bracing can prevent trees from being damaged.

Selecting a local tree service is easy

Tree Service Direct has local tree services standing by to help you with your damaged trees.  Our data system of nationwide tree service professionals is easy to use.  After you have submitted the local zip code of where the tree service is to be performed, our step by step instructions will take you to the page where your selection of tree service experts are listed.  You may choose as many companies as you like to receive tree service quotes from. 

Each company will contact you to arrange to give you a free tree quote.  You will asked to give us a little contact information about where the tree service is needed.  We will ask you to tell us what kind of tree service you need.  We will ask you to tell us if the tree is needing to be removed, trimmed or diagnosed.  The local tree service provider will arrange to have a company representative inspect your damaged tree(s).  The tree service will give you free, written, competitive quote after the initial inspection.  It is up to you, the property owner or manager to decide which quote is right for you.  You pay the tree service directly, after the job is finished to your satisfaction.

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