Tree Restoration Pruning

Trees are damaged by storms and they require restoration pruning.  Properly pruning trees that are damaged by high winds and years of improper pruning are ideal candidates for this type of pruning.

The type of tree that needs pruning is very important because it may not have the ability to be restored properly.  The extent of the damage is also important.  Sometimes the tree is damaged severely and cannot be restored successfully even if you have consulted a certified arborist.

Our certified arborists are trained in tree restoration pruning. 

ISA Certified Arborists know how to properly diagnose your trees and will help you make the right decision on which type of restoration pruning you will need.

Storm damaged trees with broken limbs are the most common types that require restoration pruning.  Some of the most common problems we see with damaged trees is, broken trunks, tree stems split or pulled from the trunk, broken branches, canopy damage.  Most of these trees cannot be restored by restoration pruning.  The extent of their damage is far beyond help.  Most of these trees that are damaged severely, need to be removed by a licensed tree service professional.

Restoration of trees that have been topped is possible in some instances.

To restore the topped trees, you must selectively cut the sprouts that are too close together.  You will need to leave most of them intact.  However, you need to selectively thin the sprouts so they will grow properly.  This way, you will get a more healthy looking limb later.  These sprouts will grow into limbs over the next few seasons.  A tree expert should be consulted to ensure that they are growing properly.  Restoration pruning of topped trees can last for years or until the tree is fully restored.

Tipped tree restoration is similar to that of ones that have been topped.  Selectively removing branches on the limbs of trees is where we begin.  Pruning a tree this way, allows the limbs not to compete for much needed minerals and starches while growing new limbs.  Simply culling the weaker limbs is optimal in the growth and beauty of your tree in the future.  Tree tipping will have to be performed on a long period of time to ensure the tree remains healthy.

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