Tree Service Companies

Tree Service Direct has thousands of licensed, professional tree service companies available to serve you.   Our proven method of finding licensed professionals benefits both residential and commercial customers.  You get competitive quotes that ensure you get the best tree service job for your money.

Using a tree service company to remove, restore or solve problems is smart and safe.  There is nothing more important than taking care of your trees before you have a real problem.  Delaying your tree care may result in services that are more serious later.

Our goal is to help our residential and commercial clients remove unwanted or damaged trees in the most efficient and cost effective manner.   Some of our tree service companies offer arborist services that include cabling and bracing of limbs, insect and disease management of trees, tree lightning protection, tree pruning, storm damage and tree evaluation.

Tree service companies like ours always operate safely and efficiently.  One thing to remember when searching for a tree service company is to get as many quotes as you can to ensure you get a competitive price.  Be sure to read about tree removal costs for additional information about what tree service companies should be charging.  The tree cost page will also explain what all is involved in tree service pricing so you get the right tree service for you.

Our tree service company is here to help you.  To get the best tree service quotes, simply enter your zip code of where you need the tree service.  You will be able to select as many tree service companies from our list.  Each tree removal and tree trimming company is independently owned and operated.  They will contact you and ask for a time when they can send a tree service representative to your property.  The tree company representative will then give you a quote.   The neat thing about using our tree service is you, the customer gets multiple quotes and they do not cost you a cent.  All of our tree quotes are free.  It is up to you to contract with the tree service and pay them direct after the tree removal job is completed.

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